10 thoughts on “Screw you Microsoft

  1. You have to ask why Microsoft would want to get into Search Engines. The paddock is pretty full of them. It can only be about monitising but, once again, Google has picked all the prime fruit.

  2. You’ve only got to read what Matt has posted about the nasty, devious, micro$oft minds. If that is true, it’s the pits and all governments stand condemned for not closing those morons down until it’s sorted.

  3. The joke is that if you switch Bing over to the US locale (click on the “Australia” link at the top right) then you come in at #1. The Australian site’s search index is rubbish compared to the American one – it’s just MSN Search/Live Search with a different coat of paint. The US one is totally revamped.

  4. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with a software company, whose next iteration of its OS will be offered in more than 90 variants?

    Suck on that, Bill!

  5. jr – Bing has nothing to do with Linux.

    Oh, you weren’t talking about all the different distros of Linux?

    So you were talking about, what, the five SKUs of Windows 7? Yeah I can see how five is an overwhelming number.

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