7 thoughts on “Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #5

  1. Okay, I squinted and turned my head a little.

    I assume #2 is some promotional t-shirt for a band I’ve never heard of (looks like Lazy Susan) who released an album called Long Lost.

    If Lazy Susan are anything like The Blackeyed Susans (who are fortunately NOTHING like The Blackeyed Peas) then I may be convinced to listen to their work.

    #3 is tantalisingly just on the tip of my hippocampus, but no cigar… yet. I recognise that visible tagline, I do, I do.

  2. Lazy Susan are not like the Blackeyed Susans, they are however very good. They did indeed release an album called Long Lost. 2 points.

    When #3 is revealed you will kick yourself.

  3. Last one is the Triffids, I know that much.

    First one – Michael Lopp? I had to read Managing Humans a while back, and that led me to Rands in Repose.

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