Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #6

Today, the final instalment of the Dave from Albury T-Shirt challenge. The winner of the competition wins a custom designed Dave from Albury T-Shirt, so if you are lacking a few points don’t forget to go back and look in the earlier rounds for unidentified shirts or extra detail that you can provide.




13 thoughts on “Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #6

  1. I just googled the middle one… my god, you-are-a-nerd. Can’t believe you bought a T-shirt.

  2. I’m not sure whether I’m more disturbed by the fact I’ve only known the truly geeky ones, or that you know them well enough to have t-shirts of them.

    John Gruber.

  3. Well if you’d released an Alpine Opinion t-shirt then perhaps I would have ordered one and featured it here too. Probably not, but you never know.

    As for jocks, guessing between Target and Big W doesn’t seem to have much scope.

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