26 thoughts on “Lost Causes

  1. I met a gentleman like that in Sydney last year. His name was Bob and he was from Maryland. Bob was worried that Obama was going to turn America into a communist country and install one world government.

    I dare say that Bob from Maryland is not a happy camper these days. He looked frightened enough the day after the election.

  2. Well Bob was half right by the look of the state of the US corporate sector. Funny how we’ve avoided the worst of it by doing all the things that others claim to be ‘socialist driven’.

    Talking about things we pine for: Paul Keating. We need more wit in politics. Although Joel has provided a few good laughs … at him.

  3. Paper Bags at the supermarket – ‘coz you could turn them upside down, draw a face on them, shove them on your head and be a ‘scary monster’ !!!!

  4. I also pine for the biscuits you bought out of the jar at the grocers. Well not really, it just seems good in hindsight.

    How about 6pm closing for pubs? How would we cope with that today? But here’s the most lamentable loss:

    Six games of VFL footy on a Saturday afternoon.

  5. I never heard of Goodfellows either, but I do remember 4 Square, there was one at Yamba, where we went for holidays. There was also a Shoey’s,that later became a Bi-Lo, which is how you can tell who are old school people are, none of the newbies know where Shoey’s is.

  6. Bright had a Goodfellows until about 5 years ago. That’s how up to date we are. We also had a Riteway until that became IGA about the same time. Only in progressive Bright.

  7. Dave, you picking up after yourself is a lost cause.

    Technically not something I miss ‘cos you really can’t really miss something you never had 😉

  8. DBD – Maybe Twitter is saving blogging – now the boring bloggers can tweet instead…

    I tried Twitter… but nah. The world doesn’t need more inane chatter, especially from me.

  9. Between hangovers and my employers demand that I spend some time doing stuff they want it’s been difficult to read, let alone post on any blogs. Fear not, there is stuff in the pipeline.

  10. It didn’t keep you off Twitter, Dave. Gee that’s riveting stuff.

    Anyway, what’s coming? Buggered if I can find anything worth blogging about at the moment, outside the weather & the footy.

  11. Ha, ha, Dave, I just saw your comment on Twitter about me:

    @cosmicjester No, Ray Dixon from Alpine Opinion. He’s an avowed twitter hater, but I think that @bronskofska could lure him with cake.

    Wrong, she could only lure me with sex & booze.

    @cosmicjester: what’s this about me being old? A “grump” I can accept but “old”? – I’ll race you around the block any day.

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