9 thoughts on “Explain this to me.

  1. I see one of the tags is Stupid, Dave. But if you really consider it from a marketing perspective, you wouldn’t expect them to package it in something better than the contents, would you?

  2. To be honest jr, I don’t see why they package it in anything. Seeing as you’ll wash the Tupperware before you use it, and the plastic wrap isn’t air tight anyway, the packaging seems redundant.

  3. Not enough information. How did you receive it, by courier, by post, by personal delivery? Was it in a box? Would you prefer it to be in a box or for each piece just to be delivered loose? Can’t work out your complaint on info supplied.

    Tupperware Inc.

  4. It’s about hygiene, Mr Davefromalbury. We at Tupperware inc have to get this stuff via your airports and they’re loaded with infections. How’d you like it if you got swine flu from Tupperware? Enjoy your lettuce crisper.

    Tupperware Inc.

  5. Geez, Dave, those TupperWare yobbos are touchy, eh? They jumped and put their top PR man, er, person onto it. Next thing you know, you’ll receive a cease and desist notice.

    Careful, Dave, you’re dealing with a C-O-R-P-O-R-A-T-I-O-N here. He’s probably their most effective pit-bull. Sleep well.

  6. We do not suffer such complaints lightly, JR. Especially from recalcitrant snow dwellers who refuse to acknowledge our reasonable requests for information on tourist numbers.

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