Nintendo helping to break the ice.

Worried about how to move a new relationship to the next level? Concerned that asking someone in for ‘coffee’ is a bit outdated? Really want to know if your new squeeze will play the beast with two backs with you? Nintendo is here to help.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo helping to break the ice.

  1. Almost makes me want to turn geek.

    Ha, ha, I just noticed the slogan “Tap into a new party experience”. So it’s for group sex?

  2. The sound of tap dancing drives me bonkers. If I had to be in a room with people playing that I will probably rip their hearts out with my bare hands and smear their blood all over my body before disecting myself with a butter knife.

  3. They didn’t coin the phrase “tap dance your way to social ridicule” for nothing.

    What’s wrong with alcohol?

  4. Ah yes, so I see now. So it’s just tap your way to social ridicule? That’s even worse.
    I still think alcohol is the way to go – this would drive people (i.e., me) nuts.

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