Nazis, wise men and baby Jesus

A few years ago Mrsdave and I decided to find a kid proof nativity scene to try to divert some of the Christmas time attention away from the fat man in the red suit. We eventually settled on a cheery looking wooden set that proved quite popular with Buster Boy and the Troll Princess. So popular was the nativity set that there was an enormous amount of vocal opposition when it was packed away with the Christmas tree at the end of the season.

Over the last few days the nativity scene has had a rare outing, after the Troll Princess saw some Christmas footage in an old home movie. While the Troll Princess is quite happy to play out domestic scenes with Mary, Joseph, the infant Christ and the wooden manger, Buster Boy prefers to mould the nativity into different stories.

At breakfast this morning, Buster Boy treated us to his latest adventure story with the nativity scene, I’d like to share it with you all, but even more than that I’d really like to introduce his cast.

Indy Nativity

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a nativity set the same way again.

17 thoughts on “Nazis, wise men and baby Jesus

  1. He’s really developing his entrepreneurial skills, Dave. Nothing to be concerned about, this boy is going places!

    By the time he’s done, the eskimos will be begging him for more ice

  2. Am I right in saying that the characters from Buster Boy’s scene are based on computer game characters? Does he know that a movie exists?

    Last weekend, having being enticed by Buster Boy to play ninjas on the trampoline, I was given the following instructions on how to play: – “You can be level 1, I’ll be level 3”.

  3. Another story from the trampoline: Our next door neighbour has a cockatoo that can say “Hello, Charlie”. Whilst jumping I tried to get the bird to say it for Buster Boy. Upon being successful, Buster Boy turned to me with a look of amazement and asked “How come you can speak cockatoo?”

    I told him I spent some time as a correspondent in Parrotonia, but he’d moved on to level 4 by then.

  4. I’ve been arguing that Buster Boy should have the opportunity to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark for some time now, but Mrsdave feels that between deaths caused by poison darts, booby traps, fires in bars, and of course face melting heavenly wrath, Buster Boy may not be quite ready for it.

  5. Well, Dave, I think he’s ready. And so are you, to volunteer your services in the middle of the night, when he wakes up trying to escape all the baddies, right?

  6. Start him off with Holy Grail, or if you don’t care about fostering a long term loyalty to the franchise, show him the latest one; it was obviously targeted at 5 year olds.

    Has he been allowed to watch the latest Star Wars yet?

  7. “Well, there was the Star Wars Christmas Special, but no-one likes to talk about that.”

    What, no old fat guy in a red suit?

  8. It was more the pathetic attempt to somehow bring the Christmas story into a galaxy far, far away that was the problem jr.

    And the fact that Carrie Fischer was fuelled by enough coke to satisfy a Premier League team for a week.

  9. Off topic but: Ray will next complain that life is killing twitter which is killing blogging.


    Wrong. Twitter is killing its users lives.

  10. LOL stuff. particularly Indiana Jones and Marion. Priceless. Life must be great at your place. And you have a beautiful wife!

  11. Thanks Trish. Yes, life here at the Dave from Albury Compound is never dull, our entire lives seem to be repeatedly redefined through the prism of whatever pop culture fun the kids are embracing at the time.

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