13 thoughts on “Me, elsewhere.

  1. How much does it cost to get on there, Dave? I’ve got a great little piece on “intellectual dishonesty” in AFL football journalism. It’s about how Tim Watson does Geelong coach Mark Thompson’s bidding for him via the media. I think PP needs a footy edge.

  2. That’s commercial in confidence Ray, sorry. Perhaps you could ask Iain, he apparently emailed Crikey to ask about their rates once he saw that Scott et al had started blogging there.

  3. You’re just angry at Tim Watson because of the way he destroyed the Saints during his disastrous stint as coach.

    That’s a completely reasonable point of view.

    I was at a function during that time and said that I thought Tim Watson should be ‘dragged into the street and shot’. At the same table was the local MP, a family friend of the Watsons, who didn’t think my rhetorical flourish was particularly appropriate and made a point of saying so. Awkward.

  4. Maybe you could set the example needed for Dave to exit twitter mode by giving up footy, Ray?

    It’s got you by the curlies, man!

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