Clash of ideas.

There’s no doubt that I often find myself at odds with the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church, one issue that is particularly pertinent at the moment is the approach to gay marriage. As far as I’m concerned gay marriage is a civil rights issue, more than half of all marriages in Australia are done by civil celebrants so I don’t think that religious groups have the right to try to dictate that other people be bound by their beliefs.

Because of this, I’d urge all of you to go to the Australian Marriage Equality website and fill out an online submission to the Senate Enquiry into Marriage Equality. Our government should not be discriminating against people based on their sexual preference. Submissions end Friday, so please take a few minutes to let this committee know that equality is a value that is important to you.

3 thoughts on “Clash of ideas.

  1. Come on, Dave, bite the bullet. As a self confessed, paid up member of the chronically catholic, do you believe in the bible or not?

    “A man shall not leave his mother for another man”, is what it teaches if I’m correct.

  2. I did one about a week ago. Would have posted it already but you get a little thingummy requesting that you don’t until the inquiry publishes so you’re covered by parliamentary privilege. Not that I said anything that anyone would want to sue me for… this time 🙂

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