More of the same, but different.

After a couple of guest posts at Pure Poison, Jeremy, Scott and Toby have asked me to join them there as a regular contributor. At first I was concerned that it might impact negatively on my blogging here, but when they pointed out that Pure Poison’s readers probably weren’t interested in stories about funny stuff my kids had done, I realised that there was probably scope to spread myself around.

I’m actually quite humbled to have been invited to help pay their Crikey blogging fees join the guys in this venture. When I began this blog in 2007 it was because I felt that commenting on other blogs just didn’t give me the scope I wanted and that quite often authors had missed an angle that I felt was significant, so to now be asked to bring an additional perspective to a blog written by three people whose work I admire is a thrill. The opportunity to be exposed to a more diverse audience via the Crikey web-site is also something that I’m looking forward to, for better or worse.

I’d also like to thank those of you who have continued to read and comment here over the past few years, without the validation that your participation provided I may have given away these blasts into the ether a long time ago.

I’ll add a link to my Pure Poison posts on the sidebar (once I have some) and I hope that you’ll come along with me on this next step through the blogosphere.

7 thoughts on “More of the same, but different.

  1. Congratulations Dave! As you are aware, I publish your rss feeds on “Country Victorian News” along with quite a few others. This syndicated site has found a niche where rural Victorian News presents a state wide overview of what’s happening in the country.

    As you have your rss feed set to “extract”, the extract is all that appears on “CVN”. Would you be prepared to set your feed to “whole” so that readers can read the whole of your great stories without linking out?

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