Baptism of fire

After a few days waiting for the IT boffins at Crikey to upgrade my account so that I could begin contributing to Pure Poison, I managed to post there under my own name today.

I’d run through a few ideas for posts over the past couple of days, but I’d let all of them go because I had been unable to publish them. I figured that I’d avoid being too confrontational as I eased my way into the team, but as fate would have it at almost the exact same time that I got posting rights a post popped up in my RSS reader from News Limited Blogger Tim Blair that I simply couldn’t let pass without comment. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr Blair, he’s been a feature of the Australian blogosphere for quite a few years now and has previously crossed swords with some of the other authors at Pure Poison. Because of that history I have to admit that I wasn’t planning on raising my head above the parapet to soon, but I set timidity aside and made a contribution that I hoped would be appropriate.

It turns out that was the easy part.

Unlike Dave from Albury’s Weblog, with a modest audience and a collegial group of commenters, Pure Poison is read widely and comes under much more scrutiny. As such, rather than having a free flow of comments and ad hoc intervention, each and every comment needs to pass through a moderation queue. Making the judgement call about which comments are or are not OK to publish really isn’t something I’d given a great deal of thought to, but it’s an important part of the process. Thankfully my cohorts were available to give me direction, giving me a bit more confidence to wade into the moderation process, and at the end of day one I think I’ve managed OK.

The challenge now, as always, is what to write next.

19 thoughts on “Baptism of fire

  1. Iain, are you still holding out hope that Humperdink will manage to get his plan work one of these days? 😉

    Ray, I’m not sure what effect posting on Pure Poison will have here. In a way I’d like them to remain separate, but I fear that’s probably hoping for too much.

  2. If it all gets too much for you Dave, just go for a solo hike on Mt Feathertop to get away and clear your head. Don’t forget to pack the torch and the beacon.

  3. You are sure as hell right about that Dave. We got this email & photo yesterday from Parks Victoria:

    Cessation of Tobogganing and Snow Reporting for 2009
    Parks Victoria will cease snow reporting as of Thursday 3rd September due to insufficient snow at both Dingo Dell and Cresta Valley to operate a toboggan run….

    It’s like they wanted us to be really sure we don’t send anyone up there.

    Anyway, if you get lost your family is welcome to stay at GG while they conduct the search. Just don’t expect the AFP plane to fly over.

  4. No correction regarding your Tim Blair blunder?

    Can’t really criticise the professionalism of other writers when you won’t admit to your own screw-ups.

  5. No word from Dave for 24 hours. He should have been back from the mountain by 4 pm.

    Do we raise the alarm? Do we send out the search parties? Do we call in the AFP?

    Nah .. let’s give it another week or so.

  6. Agis, if you’d like to discuss my Pure Poison posts, I’d suggest we do so there. I’ll answer your question here just this once, but in future I’d prefer you focus discussion here on important things like Space Pens and how funny my kids are.

    In short, my criticism of Tim’s post was that it neglected to include pertinent information, that was broadly available, when it was first published. That hasn’t changed. I agree that as events have unfolded it turns out that the WWF’s initial denial was wrong, but that’s not the point, it’s the original omission that I was commenting on. I hope that clears it up for you, if you’d like to discuss it further then I’d be happy to discuss it at Pure Poison, where it was posted.

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