The Beatles: Rockband

In short, it’s absolutely amazing.

This isn’t just a case of dropping Beatles tracks into Rockband, it is so much more. The visuals are absolutely stunning, there are some nice tweaks to the gameplay, and it really sets a new benchmark for this style of game.

If you love The Beatles and you’re not a gamer, this game is seriously good enough to turn you into one.

9 thoughts on “The Beatles: Rockband

  1. I’ll have a listen later Dave, but are the re-mastered tracks really as good as everyone claims they are? I remember when they “re-mastered” all the Beatles albums onto CDs (I’ve got the set) and they were brilliant, but how many times can they keep re-inventing the wheel (or reheating the souffle as McCartney would say)?

    I smell money-hungry Yoko Ono behind all this. Or is it Michael Jackson still making money from the song rights from the grave?

    Btw, happy anniversary. Ten years? You should be eligible for parole soon.

  2. Ray,

    I too have the CD box set and am alarmed by the fact that every review that I have read of the new stuff absolutely pans our collection. They just dumped the original analogue onto CD without any work.

    I have had a listen online to some of the new stereo releases and you can definitely note the difference. I have been a Beatles fanatic since I was 8 and thought that I new every note. I recently bought a decent set of headphones and started noticing things in the music that I had not previously heard and was amazed. The new stuff does that ten-fold. There are notes, riffs and bass lines that I never knew existed.

    There is the sense that EMI are milking the last bit of revenue from CDs before that format disapears but there really seems to be a quality product that they are selling. The description given is it is like watching your favourite movie on video on HD for the first time.

    My boys are about to turn one and I know what they are getting for their first birthday!

    Lastly, who would have thought that someone other than his mother could put up with Dave for a decade?

  3. But as any true hi-fi afficianado will tell you, CDs are nothing compared to vinyl. Evidently vinyl can store a wider range of frequencies.

    Evidently the compression technology used to fill a CD is lossy.

  4. I think you’ll find that there isn’t any compression used on CD, it’s just a digital waveform. However, you are correct about vinyl, it has almost unlimited ability to store frequencies, while CDs are arbitrarily capped at 22kHz.

    It would have been much better if they had released these remasters on DVD audio disks, but that would have limited their market to audio nerds, and people who use their DVD player to play CDs.

    It will be interesting to see what format they use when these are eventually released as downloadable content, because without the constraints of CD they could actually end up being the definitive version of The Beatles, which would seriously upset a lot of audiophile wankers.

  5. My audio set up is not that great and I’m not an audiophile so I have had trouble hearing the differences with the new remasters.

    One track I can hear it clearly though it “Here Comes the Sun”, the remastered version is brilliant, never sounded so good.

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