Instant feedback.

One of the things I love about twitter is the instant feedback that you can get when you send a tweet, whether it’s seeing people like it enough to re-tweet it to their own followers, or having someone respond to it. Last night I got both types from a single tweet.

I wasn’t watching the Hey Hey reunion last night, but the regular appearance of the #heyhey tag in my feed alerted me to the fact that quite a few people I follow were. I felt compelled to comment

Picture 8.png

I was happy to see my tweet re-tweeted, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as seeing the following reply.

Picture 7.png

There’s nothing as wonderful as constructive criticism.

3 thoughts on “Instant feedback.

  1. My advice to @dfg77 would be to dob you in to either the RSPCA, RACV or NRMA.

    We all know that many people’s pets are also their mode of transport.

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