10 thoughts on “Joe 4 PM

  1. Yes Joe, its my turn for the lunchtime Maccas run, now how many cheeseburgers did you want again was it three, or four, and no I wont forget the diet coke?

  2. Yes, I know he’s pretending to be interested in what we are talking about, Joe. But trust me, he’ll go away if we keep ignoring him.

  3. Turnbull: “How did things go so wrong that I now have to listen to Christopher Fucki’n Pyne?”

    Hockey: “Useless, pathetic, whining, annoying, nancy… maybe if I sit on him he’ll stop talking?”

    Pyne: “I wonder if I can get that tie in cerise?”

  4. Pyne: “You can’t have the job Joe, you’re too fat and people only like you because you are bloody harmless.”

    Hockey: “Look, Malcom’s fucked and who else is there, Abbott? He’s hated. You? You’re a little whiny, schoolgirl, poofy prick.”

  5. You know, I think I’m at my peak. I think I’ll give Kokoda another crack. What’s the worst that could happen?

  6. “Are you sure about this Chris? I don’t recall the role of Manager of Opposition Business including dressing the shadow ministry.”

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