Has it been that long?

I know that I’ve abandoned this blog for long stretches before, but that was usually because I didn’t want to write. This time it’s because I’ve been doing all of my wordy type stuff over at Pure Poison.

It’s been a real challenge trying to write regular content for Pure Poison, having fairly well defined subject matter is a double edged sword. What is gratifying is building a rapport with so many commenters on the blog, especially when something I’ve written completely surprises them. It’s nice to be unpredictable.

The down side to contributing to Pure Poison is that this little blog has become a quiet place. Hopefully I’ll get the balance a bit better soon.

7 thoughts on “Has it been that long?

  1. Yes it has been that long Dave! If it wasn’t for your tweets, we wouyld be wondering if you still existed. Your pure poison pieces are usually pretty good not as good or thoughtful as those about Buster Boy and the Troll Princess growing up. Feeling guilty? Good! We welcome your return, Dave.

  2. Yeah, sometimes it’s a struggle to keep up with writing when there’s a distinct lack of inspiration, or life just gets really busy, or there are other more important obligations, or whatever.

    Blogging isn’t dead, it’s just sometimes sleeping!

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