National TV is not for airing dirty laundry

So it’s been a while between posts for me. Sure, there’s been plenty to keep me fired up, so I don’t really know why this particular story is what has got me blogging again. Blame it on hormones.

So it comes to this. Tiger Woods has been in the headlines for having a few mistresses. I’m sure they each have their own stories to tell however it’s one in particular that has grabbed the headlines recently. Jaimee Grubbs, dubbed Mistress Grubbs in this article from the SMH online, has decided to share her story on national TV, bless her. The article starts with her apologising to Tiger’s wife, Erin Nordegren, for the immeasurable hurt and emotion she has caused her. Right there I’m thinking ‘Ok, really, an apology on national TV? That’s pretty poor form right there love.’ Following that though, is a quote from her saying ‘If it wasn’t me, it was going to be other girls.’ So what, that makes what happened ok does it? Well, thank God you were there Jaimee to stop that from happening. Oh, wait a minute…

Not only does she go on to share the details of her relationship with Tiger, I mean she even talks about their first kiss, but she has the gall to talk of her own personal anguish and hurt at finding out she wasn’t the only woman in Tiger’s life, and she’s not referring to Tiger’ wife! No, it’s the 10 other women he’s seduced over the years. According to Jaimee, what they had together was a relationship of respect, sacred intimacy and trust. He made her feel like she was the only woman (again Jaimee, apart from his wife).

Are you kidding me Jaimee?! What do you think could possibly be gained by sharing this on Extra TV? Let’s see, if I check out their website maybe I can see why you thought this would be the perfect platform for you to air your grievances. Yes, your story fits really well alongside others like David Hasselhoff’s wife asking his fans to help save him, some playmate who is about to pop out a baby any second and, surprise, surprise, other celebs airing their own dirty laundry about exes. Yes, this is a great opportunity for you to tell Erin how sorry you really are.

Here’s a clue. Next time you feel hard done by by some man and feel the need to share, buy a book, call it a journal and write it in that. If you’re not up for that (ie, writing is not your thing, or if you are illiterate), go the tried-and-true method which is to get a bunch of your girlfriends, get pissed and slag him off that way.

As for the excuse, and I quote,’ “I wouldn’t have pursued him if he didn’t pursue me. I mean, when he did, I just figured he was single and I didn’t think to ask,” she says ‘, well, I have some news for Jaimee. Dear, dear simple Jaimee, we live in fairly modern times here and there is this thing called a computer and you can access like, loads of info on lots of different things, including the marital status of celebs. So when he said ‘Hi, my name is Tiger and I play golf’ or whatever he said, did it occur to you that at any point you could find this stuff out. Shame on your friends too, clearly they don’t read tabloid gossip mags, use a computer or are illiterate, because they too may have been able to slap you around the face and tell you to wake up to yourself.

To top this off, Jaimee confesses that her motivation for wanting to share her story was when she found out she wasn’t the only woman in Tiger’s life, I mean apart from his wife (again, that last bit is for you Jaimee).

I’m going to call it. Bullshit. How can you use that excuse as justification for your decision to tell your story on TV? Maybe you wanted to get in first and be seen as the woman Tiger really cared for, that these other women didn’t matter as much as you did to him? That what you and Tiger had was ‘special’. Maybe you wanted people to understand it, to see things from your perspective. Well I’m telling you, far better that you had kept your mouth shut.

11 thoughts on “National TV is not for airing dirty laundry

  1. what they had together was a relationship of respect, sacred intimacy and trust

    That made me giggle.

    Seriously. Bitching on about how the man you’re sleeping with, who is cheating on his wife to be with you, is cheating on you with other women is just hilarious. Clearly she hasn’t a brain between her ears.

  2. In my opinion she is just full of shit. Of course she knew he was married, she just didn’t care. Jaimee just wants her 15 seconds of fame. I wonder if she knows this just makes her look like an even bigger tool. No… Probably not.

  3. I promise that if I ever end up in an illicit love dodecahedron I’ll make sure the other women understand that apologies are best expressed with a nice card, not a trip to Mornings with Kerri-Anne

  4. I dunno – he’s a big star and ratting out on them and grabbing a bit of appearance money in the process is pretty much par for the course, isn’t it? (no pun intended)

  5. @Dave From Albury “Illicit love dodechahedron”
    Why oh why have the broadsheets not used that one? Because i’ll be using that for the rest of the year.
    @Mrs Dave…..i love you’re anger.

  6. “dodecahedron” – I had to google that. Excellent phrase, Dave. And loved your rantage, Mrsdave.

    But it’s always the same — they ALL prattle about affairs for a quick buck. This is why I don’t follow any celeb goss at all, because it’s so predictable.

    Still, this dumb bint’s claims that Tiger was cheating on her is pretty unique!

  7. Ah, Bron, you’ve saved me from over-stressing what passes for grey matter between my ears. That geometrical thingy was not going to win here as the over-abundance of letters always means I favour four letter words instead. So thanks for bint.

  8. WOW woman what a rant, you did let it all out – I bet you feel depressurised but still wouldn’t like to see you meet up with Jaimee!


    I don’t condone want woods did at all, he got caught and now ten women are claiming to have had sex with him and claims of a child.

    Everybody thought he was a superman, until he got caught. Many, many people are upset with Woods, he has paid dearly and the harm to his children, because of the disloyalty to his family.

    I am sure Woods still loves his wife and children, even while he still had these affairs. The millions he has and the hurry women that are only hurry for money, some women, even to lure him at the opportunity for his money, even to hope to leave his wife and children for them, because of his money.

    It can be very lonely life at the top and all the travelling around the around America and the rest of the world making millions and millions which his wife enjoys too.

    These younger very sexy looking attractions luring women only want to have sex with Tiger Woods because of his popularity and his big money.

    Its easy for these females honing in, wanting to hook-up with Woods, to have their hole in-one (punt intended) hoping to have his baby, then these females are for life, getting a few million each year, to keep quiet.

    This can happen to any influential man even priest, there was this very popular Irish Roman catholic priest back in the 60s,70s – Ireland love him as a priest, it ended up he was boarding with this women having an affairs and the you boy was living with them too, his son.

    As well another priest admitted in him, who was paying child maintenance…But never, told this priest that he too was living as married couple in secret, with the child in the house.

    It still happens today and will continue as well as the mental abuse the physical abuse and sexual abuse of children by the Christian churches. The betrayal by these priests, the bishops the betrayal to their religion has failed their followers, failed organisation and failed their god.

    Leave Tiger Woods and his family alone, the media should set their sights on more concerning faults of man.

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