The Bendemeer Butcher

While visiting some friends in Bendemeer, NSW, I came across this closed, but almost intact butcher shop. After taking a few photos I ran into the woman who used to run the butcher shop, and she told me some of her story.

5 thoughts on “The Bendemeer Butcher

  1. Thanks for sharing! What a fascinating find and then to be able to chat with the family that ran the Butchery. Wow.
    Do you mind if I share this with my class? We are learning about Community Helpers and Past and Present. What great links to both units.
    Stowing away on the next DfA Holiday – you visit great places! hehe

  2. Absolutely classic. The pictures are great, but the audio of that amazing woman, speaking in a classic Aussie country accent is wonderful. It needs to be sent to the archives for permanent preservation.

  3. Hi Dave,
    This is absolutely brilliant. I am a bit of an amateur genealogist and large proportion of my Grandmother’s family is from Bendemeer so I am slowly putting together some family history information for the town as there is really nothing online. If it comes off it would be great to be able to include this video as it is a wonderful story and well made – congratulations. I live in Armidale so if you are considering donating to archives I can help you out with that. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Cara,

    All my work is under the creative commons license linked in the sidebar, you’re welcome to share it and re-use it provided it’s properly attributed. If you go to the Vimeo page you can download the video in its original format.

  5. Hi Dave, nice video.. I grew up in Bendemeer and my would send me there when I a kid with a note, money and a bag to carry the meat. I remember going in there and Kevin or Jill would slide the gauze window open and slide the meat through wrapped in newspaper. Great memories and thanks for posting the video. Cheers Dean Reid

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