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Dave from Albury’s Weblog is the personal blog of Dave Gaukroger, it’s a collection of pissing and moaning, whimsy, nonsense and getting distracted by shiny things.

Dave resides with Mrsdave and their two progeny, Buster Boy (12) and the Troll Princess (11), at the Dave from Albury Compound in East Albury, which has a remarkable view of the entire world, offering Dave a unique insight into pretty much everything.

Dave continues to believe in quaint ideas like social equality, accountability for people’s actions and the power of indie pop music.

Dave previously wrote media commentary for Crikey’s Pure Poison blog, and co-hosted the Australian political podcast Something Wonky

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6 thoughts on “About Dave from Albury

  1. Dave – I’ve just discovered your blog (though I’ve seen your comments elsewhere) and it’s already on my favourites list. Great to see someone from the political wasteland of Farrer doing some great pissing & moaning. Go for it!

  2. Hi Dave – I have just goggled Callum McDonald, following his passing last weekend. Cal is in fact my cousin, a cousin that I will not forget. People can and will learn alot from Cal’s short life. His outgoing personality and his loyalty to his family were among many of his amazing attributes. Cal was and will remain a cherished member of the extended McDonald Family – a man we will miss. Thank you for your mention of him on your blog – I will make sure Aunty Lee & Uncle Ross see your tribute to a wonderful bloke.

  3. great blog, unexpectedly brilliant and insightful…

    see you at Macquarie next time you come by


  4. Well, Dave, I see you get distracted by shiny things. Wonder if you could elaborate, as I’m offering to do a banner pic for you, if you’re interested. PM me.

    Sincere regards, JR

  5. There’s a running gag with my friends that my family has a shiny gene. We love toys of various types, at the moment we’re well and truly settled on motorcycles, but it can pretty much be anything that’s novel.

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