Losing community ownership.

A few weeks ago our Apex Club received a letter informing us that the fountain in the town’s main square was to be demolished shortly. The council wanted to let us know because decades ago our Club, along with some of the other service organisations in town, had raised the funds to build this elaborate fountain for the community. It set me thinking about the things in our towns that we take for granted, how they got there, who remembers how and why, and who’s making sure that these things aren’t forgotten.

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Busy weekend ahead

I’ll be keeping busy this weekend doing stuff with Albury Apex.

Saturday morning we have a second hand book sale in QEII square, books are one dollar each or you can grab a shopping bag full for five dollars.

Sunday morning we’ll be at the finish line of the Nail Can Hill Run selling sausage sandwiches and burgers. All of our meat comes from the award winning Morrison Street Butchers, so it’s super tasty.

Two great opportunities for you to support your local Apex Club.

Albury Apex goes to the snow.

Last December the Apex Club of Albury hosted four refugee families who had recently settled in Albury at our family Christmas party. It was a fantastic day where we were able to welcome the new settlers to our community and the members of the Club were enriched by hearing their stories.

A few months ago I turned my thoughts to finding something else that the Club could do for this community. The program co-ordinator from Vinnies was really grateful to hear from the Club again and when I asked her what we could do to help out she responded, “Well they’ve never seen the snow”. This wasn’t a particularly surprising observation, given that the bulk of the families were from Sudan, but it seemed like the sort of challenge that our Club could handle.

After a few logistical setbacks, today we managed to take thirty new settlers to Mount Buffalo to see snow for the first time in their lives. I don’t think that I can really express what it was like to share the joy that they felt, but I do know that the deep sense of satisfaction that I have right now will certainly carry me for some time. Photos of the trip over the fold. Continue reading “Albury Apex goes to the snow.”

Vale Farmer

Those of you who have the Border Mail as your local paper may have seen a story yesterday about a young man who died in a car crash over the weekend. Callum McDonald, or ‘Farmer’ as he was better known was a member of the Apex Club of Corowa and although I’d only met him a few times he had impressed me with his easy going nature and the fact that he had decided to give up his own free time to help improve his community. Because Apexians are obliged to retire from the organisation once they reach forty five attending funerals for our members isn’t something that we’re used to doing. It’s never easy burying young people, it seems such a waste, and I know that the members of Corowa Apex are taking Farmer’s death quite hard, they’ve lost not just a fellow member but a mate.

I cannot begin to imagine how this must be affecting his family, I just hope that they can find some solace in this difficult time.

I love frozen margaritas

The Apex Club of Albury had an outstanding social evening tonight at our local Mexican restaurant. Many margaritas later I’m really in no state to be blogging, so I’ll simply leave it at this.

If you’re under forty-five and you give a damn about your local community why haven’t you joined Apex yet?