Why wireless will never rival the NBN.

One of the favourite pieces of anti-National Broadband Network nonsense is that wireless technology will make it obsolete. But a group of residents in Thurgoona have demonstrated precisely why that will never be the case.

Thurgoona residents slam Optus tower

Both parties pleaded their case to councillors last night in their scrap over Optus’ plans to build a 25-metre mobile phone tower on Thurgoona Golf Course

The Thurgoona residents, who claim the phone tower is a visual blight that will affect the value of their homes, were last night furious with Optus for refusing to reveal statistics showing a need for the new tower.

Good luck getting a mast on every street corner for a nationwide high speed network.

Losing community ownership.

A few weeks ago our Apex Club received a letter informing us that the fountain in the town’s main square was to be demolished shortly. The council wanted to let us know because decades ago our Club, along with some of the other service organisations in town, had raised the funds to build this elaborate fountain for the community. It set me thinking about the things in our towns that we take for granted, how they got there, who remembers how and why, and who’s making sure that these things aren’t forgotten.

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What if this is the new reality?

sat_tempWe’re frying tonight, along with the rest of South East Australia, there are bushfires covering the state, with the smoke from the fire south of Beechworth hanging around Albury adding to the discomfort. The heat has soaked into everything, even the floorboards are hot to touch at the moment, and the promised cool changes seem to consistently be another day or two away. 

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Bogans angry as Monster Trucks suck

From the Dave from ALbury Compound we could hear the Monster Truck engines and the fireworks on Saturday night. Mrsdave thought it odd that the fireworks went off before it got dark and it seems that the patrons agreed.

My favourite quote from the article;

“When they did come on, Scooby Doo ended up wrecked and Batman caught on fire.”

So sad that I missed it.

The Company One Keeps

Arriving home to the Dave from Albury Compound yesterday around mid morning I was intrigued to see the intersection just past our driveway had been blocked off by the Police and they were turning around any vehicles that wanted to pass through. As I hadn’t requested anything of the sort (it keeps the paparazzi away) it piqued my interest somewhat. As it turned out, the Police were engaged in trying to convince an armed man who was threatening self harm to surrender to them.

Thankfully the event ended without anyone being hurt, but it adds to the growing tally of issues that the Police have had to deal with in our little corner of the world. It’s amazing how our front fences can enclose us in such a bubble that we lose touch with what’s happening around us until something dramatic occurs.

Wodonga Cinema Redux

It’s been nine months since I wrote my first post about the proposed Wodonga Cinema Centre, and I think that today it’s less likely to happen than ever.

My basic reasons for dismissing this development are unchanged, I think that the Regent Cinema in Albury already services this area well, the site for the proposed cinema will further fragment the already disorganised Wodonga CBD and the cinema business, nationally, is still in fairly rocky shape (have a look at my original post to see these points fleshed out further).

Since February, however, what was being referred to at the time as a credit crunch has turned into The Global Economic Crisis™ and our economy has soured along with it. The current financial situation turns what was, in my opinion, a marginal project at best into an absolute dud.

In addition to this, Quest Apartments finally get around to opening their 104 room Albury property in a few weeks, meaning the serviced apartments slated for the Wodonga Cinema Centre will be entering an even more crowded market at a time when it is fair to assume that both business and personal travel will be on the decline.

I certainly hope, for the sake of the rate-payers in Wodonga, that the soon to be elected Wodonga Council look very carefully at this project before they waste any money on what can only be described as a vanity project.

Who’s been watching you?

Has Google been checking you out? Prompted by this thread over at LP I decided to check if the Dave from Albury Compound had been photographed, fully expecting that street view would have only been performed in major cities. To my surprise, we’re there in living colour. Less surprising is the fact that if you pan the camera around to look up the driveway you can see the Davemobile (the Spazda, not the Audi) parked in the driveway indicating that on the day in question I was probably at home blogging doing research on behalf of my customers.

Have you all been “Street Viewed”? Was the lawn mowed?