This morning on Radio National Breakfast, Fran Kelly interviewed Robert Brown from the NSW Shooters’ Party about a private member’s bill that he plans to introduce into the upper house of the NSW Parliament. ┬áThe crux of the bill is that it removes some of the discrepancies in NSW law relating to hunters performing pest control, it would extend to National Parks the same system that presently exists, quite successfully, in State Forests and give farmers more choice about how they managed kangaroo culls on their own properties. What sounded like a fairly straight forward piece of legislation, that can only be successful with the support of the government, really seemed to raise Fran’s ire.

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Blogwars 2.0

John Hartigan set off a flurry of comment this week when he took the opportunity to rubbish News Ltd’s competitors during his address to the National Press Club. There were sledges at Crikey, complaints about people stealing News’ valuable content and it led to a bunch of barbs thrown back and forth on websites, blogs and twitter.

Let’s put aside for a second the fact that any website on the planet can easily stop google from accessing their content, which News has chosen not to do, and compare for a second News’ words and actions.

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Budget 09: Where’s my share?

Generation Y cop a pretty bad reputation as being completely self absorbed and without any understanding of self sacrifice, prepare to see this stereotype thrown out the window for the next 72 hours as the 2009 federal budget launches the biggest wave of bitching, moaning and baseless self pity seen since the Collingwood cheer squad were interviewed for the Footy Record.

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Spending your stimulus

Stimulus cheques are making the way around the nation at the moment and there are plenty of retailers who are gearing up to take them from us. While an upgraded TV or piece of home theatre equipment is a tempting treat I think the message that should be being sent from the government is to spend the money with local service businesses. Sadly, I think that the government’s blunt message of ‘spend, spend, spend’ has played right into the hands of companies with big advertising budgets, and should have been better conveyed.

While it’s true that buying goods helps our local economies, and that retailers deserve support, the most bang for your buck surely has to come from spending your money on something where the labour cost is a large component. Whether it’s getting an overdue service done on your car, having the gutters and down-pipes professionally cleared, getting a hair-cut or pampering yourself at a salon, your money will make a bigger impact in your community when it’s going to other people rather than to overseas manufacturers.

By all means use the money on goods that you needed anyway, but please think twice before buying stuff just because you can.

Missing in action

One of the standing jokes about twitter is the only people who use it are self declared twitter experts trying to sell people on their web 2.0/social media skills. While that isn’t the case, twitter is being invaded en masse by people in communications fields desperate to be in on the ground floor of the next big thing. Today was a big day in the Australian twitterverse as the person behind the fake Stephen Conroy profile outed himself and it was revealed that he was a Telstra employee.

How did Crikey’s blogger charged with covering “politics, PR and Web 2.0” choose to react to this story, which neatly tied together all of his fields of interest? He didn’t.

The Sydney Morning Herald covered the story, Telstra quickly made a statement on their Now We Are Talking site, and it was a big topic of discussion all day on twitter, but all Crikey’s blogger could string together today were two reposted stories from ABC news online unrelated to this story.

Undoubtedly Crikey will have plenty of good goss in tomorrow’s subscriber email, Fake Stephen Conroy has written for Crikey previously, as have some of his associates, but to let a story like this slip by without a mention on the public site, when you have a blog dedicated to this topic, is hardly a way to impress potential subscribers.