A-Mac’s Half-Arsed Music Blog

When I was a kid I often wondered why my parents music collection seemed to stop a few years after I was born. Now that Buster Boy and the Troll Princess are with us I think I’m beginning to understand it. It’s not just about disposable income disappearing, although that doesn’t help, it’s about time.

The opportunity to sit down for an hour and listen to music is a luxury that simply unattainable for most parents, it certainly is for us. Luckily for me I have a friend with impeccable taste in music and the time to seek it out, however as he lives about five hours away it’s rare that I get the benefit of his insight. So it’s great that with very little nagging he’s agreed to start a music blog to help hopeless people like me hear new music and avoid the type of embarrassment that usually occurs at Hottest 100 time when you can’t identify a single song.

So make sure that you add his tumblr feed to your RSS reader.

He’s started off listing some of his top songs of the year, and there are some real gems there – go now and have a listen.

The Beatles: Rockband

In short, it’s absolutely amazing.

This isn’t just a case of dropping Beatles tracks into Rockband, it is so much more. The visuals are absolutely stunning, there are some nice tweaks to the gameplay, and it really sets a new benchmark for this style of game.

If you love The Beatles and you’re not a gamer, this game is seriously good enough to turn you into one.

I am no longer a self loathing Facebook user.

The very first post I made on this blog was entitled I am a self loathing Facebook user. I was ranting at the time about people using Facebook as a rallying place for bringing attention to causes they were interested in, and arguing that people should spend less time clicking in agreement and actually take some positive action. My opinion of Facebook hasn’t improved in the almost two years since I wrote that post, if anything I’ve come to despise it and it’s ability to allow halfwits to organise en masse even more.

I have rarely logged on to Face book over the past year, it’s only been to respond to messages or friend requests from some long forgotten school friend. On the rare occasions that I did log on, my time was almost entirely spent blocking new stupid applications that people thought I should be using. While I admit that I have in the past seriously discussed piracy as a great retirement plan, I have no desire to join online mafia clans, decide between vampirism or lycanism or even pick which side of the force I want to represent.

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Black skivvies and self importance.

Almost by accident I discovered that Albury was holding the Write around the Murray Festival this week. Normally a gathering of the cultural elite wouldn’t be the type of thing to coax me from the Dave from Albury Compound on a winter’s evening, indeed in our pre-parent days the few forays that Mrsdave and I made to embrace the arts community in Albury usually saw us watching incomprehensible plays where they served overpriced drinks and the audience seemed to enjoy the incest sub-plots just a little too much. On this occasion though, there were two things in the plus column that convinced me to go, the keynote speaker was Peter FitzSimons, and the cost was only ten dollars.

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Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #6

Today, the final instalment of the Dave from Albury T-Shirt challenge. The winner of the competition wins a custom designed Dave from Albury T-Shirt, so if you are lacking a few points don’t forget to go back and look in the earlier rounds for unidentified shirts or extra detail that you can provide.

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My morning with Ron Hitler Barassi.

Over a decade ago now, while I should have been diligently working on my honours project, most of my time was spent in the cramped, noisy, wonderful confines of the University of New England’s student radio station 2UNE. For the first two terms in 1998 I hosted the breakfast show, along with anyone who I could convince to get out of bed before 9am. As a result of being at the station every morning, it was not uncommon for me to hang around and either help or hinder the subsequent presenters for most of the day. This may go some way to explaining why I never submitted an honours project. Despite the many hours that I spent on air, the only record I have of my time at 2UNE is a single cassette tape of my interview with Ron Hitler Barassi.

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