Why wireless will never rival the NBN.

One of the favourite pieces of anti-National Broadband Network nonsense is that wireless technology will make it obsolete. But a group of residents in Thurgoona have demonstrated precisely why that will never be the case.

Thurgoona residents slam Optus tower

Both parties pleaded their case to councillors last night in their scrap over Optus’ plans to build a 25-metre mobile phone tower on Thurgoona Golf Course

The Thurgoona residents, who claim the phone tower is a visual blight that will affect the value of their homes, were last night furious with Optus for refusing to reveal statistics showing a need for the new tower.

Good luck getting a mast on every street corner for a nationwide high speed network.

DD-WRT and Xbox Live

Time for a quick nerd-spot.

A few weeks ago our ADSL router / modem / wireless access point started misbehaving, regularly dropping our internet connections at inconvenient times (side note, you haven’t heard swearing until you’ve heard Mrsdave’s game of Battlefield: Bad Company interrupted by a network outage) requiring it to be replaced quickly.

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New and shiny

A few months ago I carelessly sat my PowerBook G4 on a pile of stuff from where it fell to the floor and ceased to operate. Since then I’ve been ghetto computing, hopping from Mrsdave’s old iBook, to a five year old PC laptop and my little sister’s old Mac Mini. To say it has been a frustrating experience would be an understatement. This week MrsDave took pity on me and allowed me to plunder our savings so that I could get myself a new Mac. Continue reading “New and shiny”

My Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been a Mac user since early 2002 when I switched Mrsdave’s home computer to an iBook running OS X. I’m not sure exactly what it was that prompted me to buy it, I hadn’t used a Mac in years, but it didn’t take long for me to be hooked on it. Mac switchers are like ex-smokers, we’re incredibly annoying and condescending to anyone who hasn’t made the change for the better.

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Friday will be a long day.

Fuck you Activision. It’s almost 3am, I’ve had too many margaritas, the little moving coloured dots no longer seem to be in the same reality as my uncoordinated fingers, my kids will be awake in less than four hours and I’m going to be ratshit. Fuck you and your stupid game and your stupid guitar.

I’ll be up at seven, trying to find more success on medium, I hope that sobriety may improve my Guitar Hero performance.

Video games, they’ve not just for nerds anymore!

It’s time for me to briefly unleash my inner geek. I know some of you will be wondering how that differs from my outer geek, but you should just shut up and leave the gags to me. This story comes to us via the very funny and very geeky Penny Arcade, a web comic devoted to gaming.

It turns out that a Texan District Attorney used funds from his office to build a ‘backup server’ which bore a striking resemblance to a fully pimped out gaming rig. I’ll let the story speak for itself.

The computer – equipped with two hard drives, seven fans, high-end video and audio cards, a wireless Internet connection and cables that glow under ultraviolet light – is designed for playing video games, prosecutors say.

Alan Timberlake, assistant director of information technology for Rockwall County, called the computer “gimmicky” and more suited to a college dorm room than an office.

Rod Gregg, an FBI senior forensic examiner, said 80 percent of the content he found on the computer appeared to be personal rather than work-related.

“I would not configure a backup computer in that way,” Mr. Gregg said.

Thank you for that searing insight Special Agent Obvious. I love the fact that they need an expert witness for this case, but perhaps rather than an FBI forensic examiner they should have sought the opinion of a sixteen year old Counter Strike player.

Take a look at the PA comic about this here. I’ll be available to provide translations and explanations of the cultural references later in the comments.