Jeff Kennett, man of the people.

This week has already bought us a good giggle at Malcolm Tunbull’s expense as he told the nation how his favourite AFL team was the (non-existant) Roosters, but here’s another great example of a former pollie not quite connecting with the rest of us.

Jeff Kennett, presently the President of the Hawthorn Football Club, was speaking to the ABC about how he felt seeing his team in the AFL Grand Final.

Bogon? Bogon? Yeah, Jeff’s a man who’d fit right in with the cheer squad on the boundary.

Freecycle and lying

I’m a big fan of Freecycle, an online organisation that uses local groups to reduce landfill usage by getting people to give away things that they no longer need rather than dumping them. While occasionally people spoil the system by trying to take every item under the sun, or by requesting ridiculously inappropriate give aways, usually accompanied by a sob story, for the most part it is a system that works well. However, even when it’s working well it has its share of little white lies about the quality of a give away item, or perhaps omissions about how much rust is in the free car parts on offer, but today I saw one that took the cake.


Let’s just take a look at this line by line shall we?

Our girls have outgrown some of their MFC stuff

I have no doubt that they have, but I’m betting that they’ve emotionally, rather than physically outgrown the stuff and the pack of losers that it represents.

Size 3 Jumper – has been through dryer so is on the small size
Size 0 summer jump suit

Previous attempts to destroy the clothes were unsuccessful.

There will probably be more

We got a fine after lighting the incinerator, but we need to get this shit out of our home.

Would like to go to real Melbourne supporter

As though there’s any such thing.

I realise that former Melbourne supporters are trying to purge the club from their lives, but I cannot condone using a community resource like Freecycle in the underhanded manner that Naomi has tried to today.