A touch of class

Do you see that header up the top of the page? How cool is that? Dave from Albury’s Weblog now has a professionally designed, custom header image, bringing the total number of professional things on this blog to one.

A huge thanks to JR from JR Digital Art, who offered his services to pretty up the blog. Now go look at his amazing artwork and allow me to bask in his reflected glory with my JR original.

By Brian, we’ve got him

The Australian blogosphere’s most unctuous bottom-feeder, Ray Dixon, has proved once and for all the maxim “if you sleep with imbeciles, you’ll get dribbled on”

Earlier today Ray Dixon “Outed” me as one Brian Limond.

The revelation raises several questions about blogging ethics. Leaving those aside, however, the most important question it raises is this: who is Brian Limond? Because it sure as hell ain’t me.

Several weeks ago I decided to test Ray Dixon’s oft-repeated claim that he’s not a malicious net-stalker by setting him up. I sent him an email from my Dave from Albury Gmail account, but changed my name to another fictitious one: Brian Limond.

The premise of my plan was that any decent, ethical person would ignore the name at the top of the screen and content himself with responding to the body of the email. If Dixon did this, it would go some way to demonstrating that he is indeed the unassuming “respected conservative commentator” he has claimed; if, however, he chose to focus primarily on my “identity” and threaten to reveal it, it would provide conclusive proof of what most people already suspected: he is full of shit.

I include the correspondence below, from which you can draw your own conclusions.

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On the other side of the fence.

I’m the first one to admit that I enjoy the leftie slant on blogs like Grods, Pollbludger, Possums Pollytics and Larvartus Prodeo, it’s refreshing to connect, if only online, with other people with similar views of the world. With Pollbludger falling in a heap today and LP still at half strength too I went looking for some new blogs to read. Rather than finding more leftie blogs I thought I’d see what supporters of the Coalition were thinking about the election. Continue reading “On the other side of the fence.”