Oh Malcolm

Net Satisfaction Ratings
Net Satisfaction Ratings

Courtesy of Possum Comitatus we can see quite clearly how people have reacted to Malcolm Turnbull’s involvement in the OzCar affair.

Brendan Nelson must be feeling pretty bloody smug right about now.

Couldn’t say it better.

I’d just finished putting that link in the sidebar to Club Wah when he goes and and outdoes himself with two more excellent posts.

So I suggest that you all start here for a great laugh, move on to this post to share in Wah’s moral outrage, and then finish up right here for one of the best and most succinct exposés of Liberal Party hypocrisy that I’ve seen in some time.

Excellent job Wah, for your efforts you’ve won an all expenses paid weekend at the Dave from Albury Compound*.

*Expenses do not include transport costs, meals, or alcoholic beverages. Dave from Albury Compound may or may not be capable of providing suitable accommodation, although I hear there’s some nice places to stay in Bright.