The Peter Principle

So it’s officially over. All of the speculation has come to nothing as Peter Costello announces that he will not seek to contest his seat at the next federal election. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise for anyone who’s followed Costello’s career, it is nothing more than him taking the soft option one more time.

Over the fold I’ve reposted the article I penned after Costello ran from the leadership in 2007, I think that the conclusions in it still hold up pretty well. I think that Costello’s refusal to take the leadership will cause enormous damage to the Liberal Party in the long term as he was the only one who could have united them after their defeat, their present division and lack of direction is his ultimate legacy to his party.

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Howard screws Costello again

There’s been a lot of analysis today about John Howard’s announcement that he would hold a referendum on whether or not to add a preamble to the Constitution recognising Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of Australia, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention what this means to Peter Costello’s leadership ambitions.

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The Monthly

I’ve been a fan of the Monthly since it started publication almost three years ago and a subscriber for nearly as long, the quality of the articles is consistently high and I often find myself engrossed in a topic I wouldn’t normally give a second glance. This month’s cover story is one that I’ve been waiting for the media to latch onto for ages, the myth of Peter Costello’s performance as Treasurer. Continue reading “The Monthly”