Things I learnt late on Saturday night #2

Last Saturday night Mrsdave insisted that I go to the movies with my mates Timby and James and so, being a good husband, I went and saw Iron Man (which was awesome). We watched the movie in cheap-arse gold-class (we stashed beer in a back-pack) and so when we emerged we were in the mood to continue our evening. After last weeks frightening experience at the Bended Elbow we decided to sample the delights of the Roi Bar which, like the Elbow, has recently had the honour of being listed by the NSW Government as one of the State’s 100 most violent pubs. Here’s what I learnt at the Roi Bar.

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Things I learnt late on Saturday night

Last Saturday night Mrsdave and I were able to briefly escape the Dave from Albury compound, having left Buster Boy and the Troll Princess in the care of their grandparents, and had dinner with some of the other couples from Apex. At the conclusion of a very convivial meal Mrsdave announced that she wasn’t ready to head home and, as there had been no distress calls from her parents, we should go out dancing. The Bended Elbow was chosen as the venue of choice and so, with a couple of our fellow diners in tow, we headed off.
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