It seems like an age since I’ve sat down to write anything of consequence for this blog, if it could be argued that I’ve ever posted anything of consequence anyway. The truth is that for the best part of the last month I’ve been completely engrossed by the US Presidential elections,and it seems that I’m not alone.

So instead of typing up the things that have annoyed, amazed or inspired me when I’ve had a spare moment I’ve been wandering over to Daily Kos to read the absolute latest story or diary, seeking out campaign related stuff on youtube and making a daily ritual of watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

I always love elections and, as Scott pointed out in his post at Grods, elections don’t come much bigger or more interesting than the US Presidential poll. But even taking that into account I find myself engaged to a degree far beyond 2000 and 2004 and I can only put that down to one thing, Barack Obama.
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A touch of class

Do you see that header up the top of the page? How cool is that? Dave from Albury’s Weblog now has a professionally designed, custom header image, bringing the total number of professional things on this blog to one.

A huge thanks to JR from JR Digital Art, who offered his services to pretty up the blog. Now go look at his amazing artwork and allow me to bask in his reflected glory with my JR original.