Daves rule the world

There are no shortage of dinner party memes, and sadly most people can’t get past inviting Jesus Christ and Karl Marx to break bread with them. I, however, realise that ‘Dave from Albury’ readers expect more (or less, depending on your value system) from your favourite blog.

So which Daves would you have at your dinner party?

Well obviously you’d start with Dave from Albury, every dinner party needs a loud, opinionated blogger who’s opinion of his own importance is completely out of sync with reality. Next you’d add Dave Grohl, is there any other Dave who has been part of two of the most influential bands of the last twenty years? David Bowie gets an invite of course, he really was a pathfinder for all things Dave and continues to hold a special place in our hearts.

Moving on from music to TV we have to send an invitation, first class mail, to David Duchovny. While the broader world may have embraced him as Fox Mulder, true Dave aficionados lapped up every moment of his performances in Twin Peaks as special agent Denise Bryson. Twin Peaks is arguably the most outstanding TV series in living history, and it is, obviously, a Dave product, representing the vision of David Lynch. We can’t live in the 90s forever of course, so David E Kelly would no doubt be checking his mailbox hourly awaiting his call-up. As forgettable as Ally McBeal was this Dave has well and truly secured his place in popular culture via Boston Legal, he’s a must have.

If you want to talk old school TV Daveism though, you also have to acknowledge the amazing contribution to popular culture made by your friend and mine, David Hasselhoff. Knight Rider alone is enough to cement Dave into the fabric of our lives, but the Hoff wasn’t prepared to rest on his laurels and bought Baywatch to the world, typical of the Dave desire to improve the world that we live in. Of course, if we want to stretch the timeframe involved in our Dave appreciation it makes sense to ask along David Boreanez, whose most famous role was a two hundred year old vampire

Moving on to the silver screen we have David Nivin, who single handedly won the Second World War four times over, typical of the commitment we expect from Daves.

I haven’t yet touched upon the biblical Davids who any right minded individual would want to spend time with, but I think it’s becoming pretty clear that if you are hosting a social gathering of any significance you simply cannot get things underway without a contingent of Daves.

I’m available at a reasonable rate every second weekend.