The readers of this blog can be broken down into some pretty distinct groups, so I apologise in advance to those of you who neither know the fabulous Miss Andrea, nor have any knowledge of the kid’s show Lazy Town as the rest of this post may leave you scratching your head. However, I couldn’t ignore this for any longer as it’s been nagging me since Buster Boy and the Troll Princess first began grooving along with this Icelandic mega hit.

The character Trixie is Lazy Town’s resident mischief maker, she has attitude problems with authority, engages in political discourse by defacing campaign posters and shows disdain for the goody two shoes heroine. I realise that description could fit almost any employee of the ABC, but photographic evidence leads me to believe that Miss Andrea is indeed the model for Trixie, with the pigtails merely a ploy to hinder truth seekers.


So Miss Andrea, what have you been up to in Iceland, and are you involved in that country’s complete economic meltdown? Your friends deserve the truth.