It seems like an age since I’ve sat down to write anything of consequence for this blog, if it could be argued that I’ve ever posted anything of consequence anyway. The truth is that for the best part of the last month I’ve been completely engrossed by the US Presidential elections,and it seems that I’m not alone.

So instead of typing up the things that have annoyed, amazed or inspired me when I’ve had a spare moment I’ve been wandering over to Daily Kos to read the absolute latest story or diary, seeking out campaign related stuff on youtube and making a daily ritual of watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

I always love elections and, as Scott pointed out in his post at Grods, elections don’t come much bigger or more interesting than the US Presidential poll. But even taking that into account I find myself engaged to a degree far beyond 2000 and 2004 and I can only put that down to one thing, Barack Obama.
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Not fit to govern.

Politics is a dirty business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Federal election campaign or just jockeying to get the best office at work, people do and say unreasonable things in order to get their own way. A lot of this is dismissed as being just the argy bargy of the game, but there are always lines that should not be crossed. The Liberal party have crossed that line.

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On the other side of the fence.

I’m the first one to admit that I enjoy the leftie slant on blogs like Grods, Pollbludger, Possums Pollytics and Larvartus Prodeo, it’s refreshing to connect, if only online, with other people with similar views of the world. With Pollbludger falling in a heap today and LP still at half strength too I went looking for some new blogs to read. Rather than finding more leftie blogs I thought I’d see what supporters of the Coalition were thinking about the election. Continue reading “On the other side of the fence.”

Cognitive Dissonance makes the ALP good economic managers.

Today’s release of a devastating Newspoll has the Liberal Party and their supporters well and truly rattled. One feature of the numbers that has been observed is the improvement in Kevin Rudd’s share of respondents who think that he is more capable of managing the economy. While many pundits are putting this down to a positive reaction to the ALP’s tax package I think it’s something completely different. Continue reading “Cognitive Dissonance makes the ALP good economic managers.”

Tax Cuts Suck.

The Coalition’s tax cut looks like a desperate act, I’m not sure why they think that it’ll have any more impact than it did during the budget. What I’d like to see is a commitment to index the tax brackets along with the CPI so that the impact of bracket creep is reduced, along with an increase in the tax free threshold to especially help low income earners.

Changing the tax rates is just fiddling at the margins, what we need is actual structural change in the tax system to remove some of the inefficiencies (bribes) that are built into it. What is frustrating is that there are groups out there who are making submissions on this stuff full time and they are constantly being ignored by a Government who doesn’t have the balls to explain complex policy to the populace.

The ALP has a big opportunity here to show the $34B tax cut up for the crap it is with a real tax policy. What’s better is that they have so much money to throw around to achieve this without a Government scare campaign, thirty billion dollars could buy a lot of tax reform.