Facebook fucktards (a guest post by Mrsdave)

As a rule, when Mrsdave is angry beyond the measure usually reserved for Buster Boy and the Troll Princess, it doesn’t take much recollection of my own actions to figure out why. Tonight, however, her ire is directed beyond the fence-line of the Dave from Albury compound and so I present to you the first guest post on this blog, from Mrsdave, over the fold.

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And the geek shall inherit the earth.

As I embarked on my honours year at University my best friend came up with a stunning plan. His idea was that he, Mrsdave (at that stage still only nominated to become Mrsdave) another friend of ours with a blinding intellect and I should all change out enrolments to external study and move into my parents holiday home at Yamba, on the NSW north coast. His theory was that we certainly couldn’t do any worse academically than we were likely to living in college and if we engineered the conditions just right our friend of blinding intellect would invent something that the rest of us could live off in perpetuity. Continue reading “And the geek shall inherit the earth.”