Truth in parenting

There’s a wonderful irony in parenting, that we want to imbue our children with a strong moral code and yet we will tell them bald faced lies when it suits our purpose. We tell ourselves that the deceptions are for their own good, whether to entertain them or shield them, and that it is alright to hide the truth, despite the fact that one of the first morals that we try to teach toddlers is honesty. Continue reading “Truth in parenting”

I think I bent my pancreas

I have never claimed to be an elite sportsman. In fact, I’ve never even claimed to be particularly fit. It’s been about a decade since I took part in any organised sport and I was certainly never more than an enthusiastic participant. Which is why I’m sitting on the couch tonight experiencing a type of pain and soreness that I am completely unfamiliar with. Continue reading “I think I bent my pancreas”