Buster Boy’s podcast.

Earlier this week Buster Boy announced that he thought he should have a podcast. When I asked him what it was going to be about, he told me that he wanted to tell people all about the board games and video games that he liked. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce Rupert Reviews.


You can download it straight into iTunes and hear exactly what cuts the mustard as far as this 7 year old gamer is concerned. The inaugural episode looks at Lego Star Wars.

I can remember when I was Buster Boy’s age how much fun it was to make recordings on my Dad’s tape deck, they usually only lasted a few weeks until the tape was full and I’d start recording over it again from the start of the tape. How amazing that this little snapshot of my son can not only be captured in perpetuity, but shared with our friends who are so far away. Living in the future is cooler than I could ever have imagined.

Friday will be a long day.

Fuck you Activision. It’s almost 3am, I’ve had too many margaritas, the little moving coloured dots no longer seem to be in the same reality as my uncoordinated fingers, my kids will be awake in less than four hours and I’m going to be ratshit. Fuck you and your stupid game and your stupid guitar.

I’ll be up at seven, trying to find more success on medium, I hope that sobriety may improve my Guitar Hero performance.