Progress update

Back at the beginning of May I shared with you all my slow progress in building a deck outside our dining room for Mrsdave. My excuse of it being too wet to pour concrete finally ran out so I invested in some cement and poured the footings a few weeks ago.

Of course pouring the footings was easy, laying bricks on them, not so much. Luckily I was saved from the humiliation of having to show off my complete and utter inability to lay bricks to a level height by a friend who knew a bloke, who had a brother who did odd jobs.

One hundred and twenty bucks later, and I now have 9 piles of bricks, all level and waiting for me to show off my crappy woodworking skills.


Anyone want to place bets on a completion date for this project?

Update: If you want to place bets, it’s only fair that I disclose that the only reason I got around to pouring the footings is that the next door neighbour was having some concreting done and the contractor had some con mix leftover.