Howard’s last word on education.

John Howard has, in my opinion, been guilty of saying some very stupid things over his time in public life, but nothing comes close to the howler on last night’s 7.30 Report.

JOHN HOWARD: “You can’t learn by reading a book…..”

Thanks for that John. Care to explain how that fits in with the narrative history of Australia that you’re so keen be taught?

Update: The other corker from Howard that had me choking on my chardonnay (or is it latte these days? I can never quite keep up with the lefty beverage du jour) was this.

JOHN HOWARD: “Well I believe in the accountability of public figures…”

Words fail me on that one.

Howard screws Costello again

There’s been a lot of analysis today about John Howard’s announcement that he would hold a referendum on whether or not to add a preamble to the Constitution recognising Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of Australia, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention what this means to Peter Costello’s leadership ambitions.

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