Angry Catholics

The Vienna Cathedral Museum has stirred up a storm by choosing to display a painting depicting the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy. The museum has subsequently removed the painting after a barrage of criticism from Catholic groups around the world. The whole event reminds me of the furore over the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, except for one thing, no-one in the media seems to be damning these Catholic groups for complaining about the perversion of their religious iconography.

It seems that complaining about a depiction of a gay Mohammed makes you unreasonable and an enemy of free speech, while complaining about a depiction of a gay Jesus has nothing to do with censorship. As a Roman Catholic I find the subject matter of the painting distasteful, I also agree that a museum connected to a Cathedral is a stupid place to display a collection of this artist’s work. However, the difference in media coverage that these two similar events have received certainly highlights the media’s happy hypocrisy.