Is thoughtlessness a disability?

I had a bit of a Seinfeld moment this morning. I was visiting a client in town and looking for a parking space near their building, unsurprisingly there were none, except for the vacant disabled parking zone, so I contented my self with parking around the corner. While I was waiting in the foyer I cursed my timing as the three spaces in front of the building all became vacant, along with the disabled spot, but what happened next left me absolutely bewildered.

An elderly lady, who had a disabled parking permit, drove up and parked in one of the newly vacated spots, leaving the disabled zone empty. What’s the deal with that? Why go to the effort of getting a parking permit and then not use it? This little old biddy had effectively taken two parks because the disabled zone is unavailable to the majority of road users. Why on earth did this women not use the parking space that had been especially allocated for her? Is this some kind of conspiracy between people with parking permits? Alternatively, if she feels that she doesn’t need specially reserved parking in accessible places then hand back your little blue pass you selfish old cow!

The whole thing reminded me of the skit on The Late Show, where centrally co-ordinated old people went out of their way to piss everyone else off. I watched the geri to see if she had a walkie talkie to confirm her anti-social behaviour with HQ, but I had to leave for my appointment before I was able to get any hard evidence.