Couldn’t say it better.

I’d just finished putting that link in the sidebar to Club Wah when he goes and and outdoes himself with two more excellent posts.

So I suggest that you all start here for a great laugh, move on to this post to share in Wah’s moral outrage, and then finish up right here for one of the best and most succinct exposés of Liberal Party hypocrisy that I’ve seen in some time.

Excellent job Wah, for your efforts you’ve won an all expenses paid weekend at the Dave from Albury Compound*.

*Expenses do not include transport costs, meals, or alcoholic beverages. Dave from Albury Compound may or may not be capable of providing suitable accommodation, although I hear there’s some nice places to stay in Bright.

Random Thoughts

Just so you don’t think that I’ve died.

Hef wants Miley nude in Playboy. Please go away you rank, old, STD carrying grot.

Brendan Nelson is shocked and appalled at the “left wing agenda” in the budget, I’m shocked and appalled that no-one from his party has quietly told him it’s time to find a new job, or fall back on an old one (he used to be a Doctor you know).

Peter Costello is a petulant sook. However, we already knew that

Malcolm Turnbull has been saying that there’s no need for spending cuts but he’s also unhappy that there’s too much new spending. Make up your mind Malcolm, you’re looking dangerously similar to your leader. And by the way, I think that you’re the only person in Australia who’s shocked that the new government has reduced spending on ‘Howard Government Programs’ in favor of their own. Just in case you’d missed the memo, that’s what new governments do, it’s why everyone wants to win the elections rather than lose them.

Stamping out decency.

In news that will no doubt hearten Sophie Mirabella, one of her parliamentary colleagues who she dubbed a “political terrorist” for speaking out against imprisoning refugee children looks to be facing another pre-selection challenge. Petro Georgiou, the member for Kooyong, survived a preselection challenge by former Howard and Downer advisor Josh Frydenberg before the last election after all of the Liberal party factions fell in line to support their sitting member. However, with the weight of government no longer on their shoulders, it appears that the Liberals now have more time for internal bickering and Frydenberg looks to have the support of the Costello-Kroger faction this time around.

I’m not quite sure how replacing one of the few Liberals who publicly questioned John Howard’s asylum seeker policies with one of Howard’s former acolytes will move the party back towards the political centre. By all accounts Georgiou is no angel, having been a ruthless operative within his own party, but publicly he has become the face of small-l liberal values for a party that likes to claim that it is a broad church. If the Liberals oust Georgiou they face the possibility of him running as a high profile independent at the next election, much like Peter King did in Wentworth in 2004. Josh Frydenberg does not have the public profile that Malcolm Turnbull had before entering parliament and could quite easily go down in history as the first person to lose Kooyong for the Liberals.