Back in 2001 I bought a black Peugeot 206 GTi, it was the first new car I’d ever owned and one which gave me a great deal of delight. Sadly, my little Pug, Wendy, didn’t make it far beyond her third birthday as I ploughed her into the back of a stationary Sigma while entering the freeway in Wodonga on my way home one night (Why was the Sigma sitting still in the merging lane of a freeway? We’ll never truly know).

I bring you this little piece of history because a few days ago Mrsdave pointed at a pile that had been accumulating items for some time and demanded that I sort it out. In that pile I found a business card from Bob Jane T-Marts with prices for tyres written on the back. The tyre size was the same one that Wendy took, so the card was about four years old, which is why I had a giggle when I turned the card over and saw the name written on it.

Corey Worthington

There’s a tyre salesman somewhere in Australia who’s copped a lot of shit from his mates this year.