Space Pen fixed.

I’m sure that you’ll all be glad to hear that I’ve managed to get the cap off my Space Pen and it has resumed regular duties. Finally, it took a combination of boiling water and pliers to remove the jammed cap and my Space Pen has a few battle scars to show for the encounter.

On the up side, I’ve found that there’s a Titanium Space Pen available, so this might be a perfect excuse for an upgrade.

There’s a problem with my Space Pen.

One of the great things about my Space Pen, in addition to being able to write in zero gravity, up-side down and on almost any surface, is that it’s very small and can be carried in my pocket. The pen itself is about 9cm long, but it has a cap that is about three quarters the length of the pen, so when you place the cap on the top of the pan the whole thing is a pleasant size to write with.

Under normal circumstances this is a very good thing, but yesterday something went wrong. Continue reading “There’s a problem with my Space Pen.”