Speaking of bitter

I do feel sorry for the almost 700 people who will lose their jobs because of Starbucks closing the bulk of their Australian stores, but I’m not the least bit sad to see the stores go. On two occasions I was unlucky enough to have to meet up with someone at the Starbucks in Lavington and each time the experience was stomach churning. Even McCafe can make a better coffee than Starbucks, their coffee has a gruesome burnt flavour which they attempt to hide by filling a ridiculously over-sized cup with enormous loads of milk and sugar. For someone who likes espresso straight, there is nowhere to hide.

I’ve seen a few comments about this on forums, claiming that this is a great rebuff to American cultural imperialism. Personally I think it’s just a great rebuff to a shithouse product in a well serviced market. Next on the list to go, Gloria Jean and Hudsons.