Blogwars 2.0

John Hartigan set off a flurry of comment this week when he took the opportunity to rubbish News Ltd’s competitors during his address to the National Press Club. There were sledges at Crikey, complaints about people stealing News’ valuable content and it led to a bunch of barbs thrown back and forth on websites, blogs and twitter.

Let’s put aside for a second the fact that any website on the planet can easily stop google from accessing their content, which News has chosen not to do, and compare for a second News’ words and actions.

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Who will save your soul?

As a kid I only had a passing interest in Dungeons and Dragons, it was basically a good excuse for congregating with the other geeks in the library at school. Therefore, I never really paid much attention to the occult paranoia that surrounded D & D in the mid 80s and my only memory of it is a vague recollection of an American 60 Minutes report that got a run on our local edition one Sunday night. So it was with great delight that I found the following piece of christian literature via a google search the other day. Continue reading “Who will save your soul?”

Unique names

I admit it, I’m a name snob. I have been known to read through the birth notices of my local paper with squeals of glee as I’ve come across strangely spelt, culturally inappropriate, or just plain bizarre names. I have laughed out loud at what I thought these choices of names must say about the intellectual capacity of the parents who chose them. However, I can now see that my haughty derision of these people was completely misplaced.

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