Do “Christians” ever read the bible?

It’s funny that I find the biggest challenges to my faith never come from people who don’t share it, but from people who claim that they do. I struggle with the legions of people who claim that whatever prejudice they’d like to hold is somehow reinforced by their “Christian” beliefs. It seems that rather than embracing the New Testament messages of love, compassion and care for your fellow man, these groups prefer homophobia, xenophobia, and rampant greed.

Although I am truly disgusted by anyone using Christianity as a cover for their hate, I find that prosperity theology angers me the most personally. From my childhood I can clearly remember putting my recess money into the Project Compassion box during lent, running fundraisers throughout the year for Vinnies and being taught about the importance of looking after people less fortunate than ourselves. In fact, I have no doubt that the social justice message I received from my parents, parish and school shaped my political beliefs to the point where it is one of the most important issues to me.

Prosperity Christianity turns everything that I learnt on its head, it teaches that if you are worthy you will be rewarded here on Earth and, by extension, people who are poor are actually spiritually impoverished and therefore deserve no consideration or help. I’ve long wondered how these churches manage to turn a blind eye to stories like Jesus throwing the money changers out of the Temple.

Today the glorifiers of money have hit a new low. A throng of people who identify themselves as christians descended on the bull statue on Wall St for

a Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


Where to begin? Have these dipshits read the Ten Commandments? It’s in the half of the book that they seem to like when they’re hating gay people. Let me just spell it out, this is the First Commandment,

I am the Lord your God,
You shall have no other gods before me,
You shall not make for yourself an idol.

They’re praying for money at a statue of a bull!!!

I’m going to guess that even the most heathen of you have seen Charlton Heston deliver some smackdown to the wayward Hebrews who got all impatient while he was up on the hill getting some stone tablets engraved, all this picture from today is missing is a pissed off gnarly old dude.

I’m amazed that people who are so obviously intellectually deficient actually managed to make it all the way from their homes to a location in one of the world’s busiest cities without injuring themselves. I don’t know whether I’m more outraged by their blasphemy or their rampant stupidity.

Do you want swamp with that?

One of the things I enjoy about my job is that most of my work is done in other people’s businesses. This variety of locations exposes me to all sorts of interesting trivia and the opportunity to understand a bit more about how some things work. Today one of my jobs led me to visit a new housing estate, you know the type of place I’m talking about, rows of shiny new display homes set in what was up until recently a featureless paddock.

I’m not a big fan of new housing estates, they invariably have narrow, winding streets, odd shaped house blocks, no established trees, featureless homes, no corner stores and no foot paths. But today I found another reason to curse these places without right angle street corners. Continue reading “Do you want swamp with that?”

Well that solves everything

It turns out that BMW marketing aren’t the only people in their trade who are full of crap, Hyundai’s getting in on the deal too. According to the RACV’s Royal Auto magazine,

“Hyundai has also addressed one of the messier issues associated with owning a diesel: each car comes with a pair of latex free vinyl gloves to keep hands clean during refuelling.”

Brilliant! This should see Hyundai diesels walking out the door. Continue reading “Well that solves everything”

Pontius Pilate kinda sorry after the fact.

Albury City Council comprehensively sold out residents of East Albury over three years ago when then Mayor Patricia Gould signed a letter of support that called for the Hume Freeway to be built through the middle of Albury, rather than around it as had been approved by the Federal Transport Minister John Anderson. Now to the utter amazement of the Councillors who so adamantly supported the Internal Freeway it turns out that it’s a piece of shit with insufficient noise mitigation, poor access to Albury and poor landscaping.

Tonight the Council voted unanimously to press the RTA to finish the Freeway construction properly, while at the same time washing their hands of any responsibility. Unfortunately for residents affected by the constant drone of the Freeway in their homes, Councillor Gould’s main concern was the lack of a ‘Welcome to Albury’ sign and the amount of litter on the roadside. Thanks for your concern Patsie.

Right now the RTA is dragging its heels on releasing the noise monitoring results, while independent tests have shown that noise levels are exceeding the mandated maximum by 10-20 dB. This puts the noise levels beyond the range of simple annoyance and into the range where it can lead to adverse health effects. Hopefully Councillor Gould can explain how signage and litter removal will lead to better health outcomes.