A-Mac’s Half-Arsed Music Blog

When I was a kid I often wondered why my parents music collection seemed to stop a few years after I was born. Now that Buster Boy and the Troll Princess are with us I think I’m beginning to understand it. It’s not just about disposable income disappearing, although that doesn’t help, it’s about time.

The opportunity to sit down for an hour and listen to music is a luxury that simply unattainable for most parents, it certainly is for us. Luckily for me I have a friend with impeccable taste in music and the time to seek it out, however as he lives about five hours away it’s rare that I get the benefit of his insight. So it’s great that with very little nagging he’s agreed to start a music blog to help hopeless people like me hear new music and avoid the type of embarrassment that usually occurs at Hottest 100 time when you can’t identify a single song.

So make sure that you add his tumblr feed to your RSS reader.

He’s started off listing some of his top songs of the year, and there are some real gems there – go now and have a listen.