Collected thoughts from the weekend.

This weekend has been a tragic one for so many people around Victoria it makes everything else seem trivial. So all I have to offer is a collection of trivia from the Dave from Albury compound.

Living without air conditioning is unpleasant, but it’s possible, even when the mercury hits 44°C. It’s amazing what a wet towel or a burst with the hose can achieve.

Quote of the weekend: Mrsdave upon seeing a Cliff Richard ‘Tribute’ performance being broadcast on ABC1. “When did the ABC start turning everyone’s living room into an RSL club?”

Listening to bushfire reports was frightening. Hearing the calls start reaching the ABC from Kinglake as the fire front hit was chilling as the enormity of the situation became apparent.

The smoke in Albury since Saturday afternoon is oppressive and gives you a strange reminder of what’s happening so close to home, yet leaving us materially unaffected.

We watched commercial TV news for the first time in months last night, along with Channel Seven’s new Sunday Night program. The vision of destruction was breath taking. Sunday Night looked promising, it reminded me of what 60 minutes was like years ago, I wonder how long before it’ll turn to shit.